Where is your studio? 

All session will take place in my lovely little studio in 63 Princes Street, Ardrossan, North Ayrshire.


When should I book my newborn session? 

I highly recommend soon after your 12 or 20 week scan as I only take a limited amount of bookings each month as some babies like to arrive early and some a little late.  Taking limited bookings mean I'm giving all my booked babies plenty of date option when they arrive into the world. I understand that pregnancy is a crazy busy time so please do not hesitate in contacting me if your baby has already arrived as I may have a space in the next few days if I am waiting on the arrival of a little one.


How long will my newborn session take?

Your newborn session can take anything from 2-4 hours. This completely depends on the baby. All session are completely different so depending on how your little one is on the day depends on the session time. Some babies like regular breaks for milk top ups others are happy to wait longer for feeds. 


Do I need to bring anything with me?

Once you are booked in for your newborn session I will send you a pre session email to keep you informed on what to expect during the session and anything you need to know to prepare you.  

 How can I book in my newborn baby photoshoot when Iā€™m not sure when the baby will actually arrive?

This is a really common question. I only take a small amount of bookings each month this allows me to allocate you an exclusive space in my diary for when your baby arrives regardless if the baby is early or late. Pre booking with me means that you will get one of my VIP slots in my diary. If you have not pre-booked with plenty of notice I cannot promise I am able to fit you in for a session as the studio is extremely busy and usually fully booked for all other session types months in advance. So if you are thinking about booking but have more question please feel free to mail me anytime. I am always happy to help.

I am interested in your maternity photoshoots how far on in my pregnancy should I be? 

I would personally say around 32-36 weeks for your maternity session. It's best not to book the session to close to your due date in-case you have an early baby plus as we all know the last few weeks can be very tiring so plenty of rest is better around this time. 


What if myself or my child is poorly for our session? 

I completely understand completely if you or your child is unwell and unable to attend your session. Please don't force yourself to come along to the session if any of the party is unwell. If you give me more than 24 hours notice then I am more than happy to transfer the deposit to another date that suits everyone. If the notice period is less than 24 hours or the session is a no-show unfortunately the deposit will not be refundable or transferable. Please note that I only allow one sickness re-schedule anymore than this will unfortunately mean the deposit will be non-refundable / non-transferable. 


What do you suggest we wear? 

I always say when dressing for a session keep it timeless. So nice plain colours avoiding bright / extreme patterned clothing. I also always suggest no character clothing (Spider-Man, Peppa Pig etc). 

Colour and outfit suggestions: Jeans/Navy's/Creams/Whites/Pastel colours. Don't worry about buying nice new shoes for your session as I will almost always ask your to remove your socks and shoes.

If you are having group pictures I always suggest picking a "theme" so for example jeans and whites. So everyone wearing jeans and a nice white top or greys etc. Everyone having same tone/shade is perfect. If it is a sibling or parent / newborn session don't worry about baby. I will swaddle baby in one of my nice wraps or baby will be nakey. 

I have more info on what to wear in my recent Blog post: What to wear for your family photoshoot


I'm worried my little one won't cooperate on the day. What would happen? 

All children are different when it comes to a photoshoot so I will 100% keep it fun and upbeat for them at all times. I also have a few special tricks I can use to get those beautiful natural smiles from them. If we need to take small breaks during the session we absolutely can and more often than not this works really well. If after a few break's and even maybe some bribes (chocolate is a good one) and your little one is still not happy then we are best to leave it for the day as we don't want your little one getting distressed or upset. Please know that I have never been defeated yet with any sessions I have done so please do not stress. I promise it will work out :)  


Do you book in all types of dogs for portrait sessions?

Yes I do but your dog must be on its best behaviour. Any accidents then you will be asked to clean it up please. I only host my dog sessions once a month. 


I am really interested in your wedding packages can I please have some more information? 

If you would like to chat to me more about my wedding packages please feel free to get in touch with me to arrange a catch up with a coffee to talk about your big day.


When can I see my pictures? And how do I order my package?

Your gallery will be ready within 4 weeks of your session date (6-8 weeks for weddings). I will go through all of your pictures selecting the best images for your gallery to share with you. Once you have viewed your proof gallery at your inhouse viewing session you can then order the package you would like and prints. From there I will then remove the watermark and add some finishing touches to the image you have picked and send them over to you via digital download or on your USB depending on what package you have picked, along with your print release.

* Please note that full copyright remains with the photographer. 


Please note that camera's, mobile phone camera's, I-pads or recording equipment is NOT aloud to be used in the studio at anytime.  Thank you x